Hearing Test

 Hearing Test in in Norwalk, CT

There are different factors that could affect a person's hearing. This could include a traumatic event or age. When you’re struggling to hear clearly, it’s important to talk to our ENT Dr. Andrew Parker about getting a hearing test. It’s also important for children to have hearing tests done to ensure that any issues are being detected at an early stage.

Testing Your Hearing

Dealing with hearing loss can be a difficult issue if you don’t understand what may be happening. You might notice that it’s difficult for you to hear in crowded spaces or when you’re speaking on the phone. You may also feel like you need to ask others to repeat what they’ve said more than once.

A hearing test can be done by our ENT doctor to detect any hearing loss that may be occurring. There are different types of hearing tests that may be done to detect hearing loss and detect the severity of your hearing loss. Children also will have hearing tests done to ensure their hearing has developed as it should and there aren’t any undetected issues.

The most common form of hearing test that is performed is pure-tone testing. This is when our ENT doctor places headphones on your ears and plays tones at different pitches and volumes. It can help your doctor understand the quietest tone that you can detect at each pitch. Your doctor may also perform speech testing by playing specific words to understand how you process speech. It’s important to get hearing tests done as recommended by your doctor so that any issues can be caught as early as possible.

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