What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Dr. Parker is a one of a kind doctor. He performed a flawless closed reduction operation to fix my deviated septum and now my breathing is 100 times better. Every time I go into his office, he explains things very thoroughly and answers all of my questions. It's rare you find a combination of great doctor and great customer service like you'll find with Dr. Parker.

    - Greg H.
  • My experience with Dr. Parker and his staff was top-notch in all respects. From the initial consultation, to prepping for surgery on my Septum, the surgery itself, post-op and follow ups, I can't say enough about how truly helpful, knowledgeable and thorough they were. All of my questions were answered and I got an education on how the surgery was performed and what to expect. Not once was I made to feel like I was a bother in terms of the questions I was asking. As a result of the surgery I had on my septum, I can breath like I never have before and now wake up in the morning more refreshed. Highly recommend!!!

    - Kev C.
  • My five-star rating of Dr. Parker is based on at least a dozen years of experience with him covering four members of my family -- me and my three children (now in their twenties) . The conditions for which we have seen him have covered a wide range of ENT issues, and treatments have included surgery. In all cases we have always felt he treated us just as he would want himself and his family to be treated when seeing a doctor. We have never felt rushed at our appointments. We have always felt cared for. His analytical skill and surgical skill have been excellent. His office is friendly and well run. I would highly recommend him -- and so would my adult children.

    - Stephen W.
  • Dr Parker is a role model for how health care oughta be - I have been seeing him the last year for a surgery he diagnosed and performed and his demeanor to provide confidence and to ease my anxiety was smart, pleasant , caring and comforting. His staff is always pleasant, accommodating and perfectly safe throughout Covid.

    - Drew S.
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Parker's since 2008. Over the years, Dr. Parker has performed several successful surgeries on me that have had lasting impact. Parker ENT has friendly staff members that are highly competent. Dr. Parker consistently exceeds my expectations. I trust his expert care and would not go anywhere else.

    - Frank L.
  • I'm 62 years old and people cannot believe I waited this long to have my tonsils removed. No other physician ever suggested I do this. Not Dr Parker! He knew from the get-go that my quality of life would be greatly improved after their removal. It is now 3 weeks since the procedure and I'm breathing better and waking up each morning well rested. No more Sleep Apnea for me. My wife's life has also improved. I don't snore so she also has a better night's sleep! Thank you Dr Parker! BTW, the staff at his practice is also GREAT!

    - Robert K.
  • Dr. Parker is great and very knowledgeable. He literally changed my life with my nasal surgery. I couldn't even breathe through my nose before because of the swelling, and now it's like night and day. The surgery was very smooth and it's been 2 years now and i'm still breathing very well and have had a great recovery! I'd highly recommend him!

    - Lauren C.